AERZEN controller AERtronic


The new AERtronic controller is based on a modular design approach and offers a solution tailored to each individual application.

AERtronic modular design

The controller includes an intuitive touch screen, the base module as well as application dependent add-on modules. All measured operating data are retrievable and parameters adjustable in a user-friendly menu structure.

AERtronic base unit

The base unit used across the Aerzen product range includes the following features:

  • processor unit
  • oil level control, inlet and discharge pressure, motor temperature and speed
  • three free digital inputs
  • a relay output, and bus communication interface with control panel and expansion modules
AERtronic application-related expansion modules

The expansion module offers three digital inputs and three relay outputs as well as inputs for temperature and pressure measurements (for example oil temperature, compressor outlet temperature, oil pressure).

Additional digital inputs, relay outputs, Pt 1000 and analogue inputs and outputs for pressure or temperature control with use of a VFD, as well as bus interface for communication with a master controller or other systems and for data communication can be provided with additional application-related expansion and special modules.

AERtronic Video