Blower units DELTA BLOWER

The positive displacement blower units DELTA BLOWER are usable for oil-free conveying of air and neutral gases.
Intake volume flow approx. 30 to 15.000 m³/h.

Type of construction Positive Displacement Blowers
Volume flow approx. 30 to 15.000 m³/h
Size 16
Medium air, neutral gases
Conveying oil-free
Pressure operation up to max. 1000 mbar gauge
Suction operation up to max. -500 mbar

overhung via narrow v-belt

Unit design

The blower units comprise all necessary standardized accessories required for trouble-free operation, are fully assembled and ready for installation at site.

Due to the integrated pulsation reduction disturbing pulsations are already reduced at their source. Therefore a costly silencing is no longer necessary. All components of the unit are installed resp. mounted on the base support.

The base support includes purely metallic installations completely free from wear with which a uniform sound reduction over the whole speed range can be achieved.

The driving motor is mounted on a hinged support via narrow v-belt. This conception ensures that the belts are always optimally tensioned and also after a longer operating period no retensioning is necessary.A flexible installation ist standard. Special foundations are not necessary. Flexible connection of the pressure piping.

Scope of supply DELTA BLOWER in standard design
Accessory components as option

If further accessories are required, please ask for!

By using Aerzen’s blower unit DELTA BLOWER the resulting advantages are considerable